Friday, January 16, 2009

I got a new calling!!

So I got a new Calling about a month ago, I am now the 1st Counselor in Primary. I am very excited, I was put to work and they gave me a fun assignment, I got to do the Bulletin.

This is what the bulletin looked like before...

And this is what it looked like after.

The theme this year is My Eternal Family and I thought that having a temple on our bulletin board would be the right choice since if it wasn't for the Temple we wouldn't have Eternal Family's. I made the temple doors open so that the kids can open it and see a family in there. Then there are Primary children holding hands outside of the Temple. I love this kind of stuff. We are also planning a Board meeting and I have a really cute idea for that, But I cant disclose it at this time since I have some Teachers that look on my Blog. But I am way excited for it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whats going on with the Pengos?

Payton has a tooth with another coming in beside it. I really don't like this part, even though she is so darn cute when she smiles, I don't think it is cute when she is up every hour wanting to eat so it will sooth her, she has bit me at least 3 times one time making me bleed.Oh what a fun age!!! Besides the teething she is such a sweet little girl.
Hurray,Tate is Potty trained, Well at least he is still getting the hang of it, It has now been 2 days with no accidents and him telling me he has to go, I don't have to ask. He wanted to show off his new Lightning McQueen Underwear. Yeah for my Big Boy.

We went to Leavenworth with my Whole Family the day after Christmas and had a great time. I was horrible at taking pictures, but they are all on my moms camera maybe another time I will post it, There was so much snow. I did get to go Cross Country Skiing with my sis and mom, That is one of the things I love to do when we go up there and then of course tubing down the huge hill. There were some awesome wipeouts. I swear if my mom were to have recorded my sister and I cross country skiing through the golf course we would have won AFV. It is a lot harder going down a hill with those skis I think I wiped Out 3 times, One time when I biffed it the snow was all powder and it puffed up and landed all on me, I was covered in snow. Oh what fun memories we made.

Boy Cousins

Girls Cousins

All the Cousins
My brother and his family stayed a week with us, so our basement went to good use thank goodness it was all done. But a week in a half after they left we had record rainfall, the worst they had seen in a long time and we noticed there was water coming in from the bathroom, then one side of the wall, then where the door is, then in the laundry room, But I am counting my blessing because we were very lucky compared to everyone else. My Husband and Cousin Jessie had a thought to put a drain in our bathroom when they were in the midst of construction , they must had felt inspired because if it wasn't for that drain we would have been at least in a foot of water. We had a stream of water going from one side of the house to the other were the drain was so the drain was doing what it was supposed to. Again I did not take pictures of this my mind wasn't in the right place. I sure do love the Newluns, Anderson boys, and my Parents. They all came over to help. Brother Newlun came over and brought his vacuum sucker thingy, and even left it so that we could keep using it he was there for over 4 hours what a sweet guy. The Anderson Boys brought over there shop vac and helped suck stuff up, and my parents brought over wood to put furniture and what not up and there shop vac. My Uncle is going to help us figure out a way to fix this problem. So that has been our very busy month. At least everything is back to normal.

Before Christmas We...

My boys love making Cookies.

We made lots of cookies over break and took them to friends houses.

We got so much snow this year Colby made a snow man and played out side for hours, Tate didn't want to come out side for the picture but he helped too.

We even had Carolers at our house for the first time that was so fun.