Friday, February 27, 2009

Army Crawl

She loves her Bitter biscuits.

Payton has been crawling for about a month in a half, she is such a fast little bugger too.
If I put her down and walk away she will follow me crying, So cute at first, now not so much. She is also getting excited when daddy comes home she will crawl to him so fast and start kicking her legs. So Cute.

She now has 4 teeth, I still don't know why I am nursing her, I actually had a horrible dream that she bit off one of my nipples. Do you think that's a sign?

Tates Birthday Party!!!

So last Saturday we had Tate's Party with my Family and everything went well, except we had to make a run to the emergency room for Colby, It appears that he has an allergy to yellow frosting. He had an allergic reaction and after giving him benadril it looked like it got even worst, so my sister stayed with Tate and Payton and Dereck and I took Colby to the ER. The good news is that he was just fine, he didn't have any trouble breathing, even though his face and body had swelled up. So now we know no Yellow frosting.

Tate with his Cousins.
So Tate is loaded up with things to play in his sand box.
The deadly cake.

These are some of the cutest pjs, They are so soft.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I need some Ideas!!!

So here is the deal I am going to Seaside for Spring Break with my whole Family and it happens to be April Fools day while we are there. Dereck I need some really good pranks to play on my family, I have some Ideas but I want more. For those of you in my Parents & Sisters ward, Keep this Hush, Hush. For those of you that know my mom she is a prankster, So I know she probably is coming up with her own pranks, I just want to have the upper hand. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tater Tot is 3!!!

Tate is 3 Today. He is such a Joy to have in our family.
I asked everyone what were some of there favorite things about Tate, Of course Payton couldn't Talk, But I am sure she would say how sweet he talks to her, how he is always trying to comfort her when she is upset, and how he sneaks her licks of his sucker while mommy is not looking. Colby said he loves playing with him because he is really good at sharing, and he loves him because he is his brother and his Buddy. Daddy said he loves everything about him as do I, but I I also love Tate's big brown eyes, I love that he still cuddles with me and gives me hugs, He is a happy boy, all boy, and I wouldn't change anything about him .I asked him what he likes about being three and he said, "I can go potty by mine own self, I'm really bigger, and my brother Colby." I think he was meaning he gets to play with his brother. Sooo Sweet.

So Dereck and I wanted to get a Sand box for the Boys Birthday presents but they were too expensive so we decided to build one instead it costed us nothing. My Dad bought the sand for the boys, I think it is way better then the plastic ones.

My boys are going to live out there this summer, I already know it.

All I can Say is AFRO!!!

So Colby And Tate have been in need of a hair cut For a couple months now and about 2 weeks ago I was picking Colby up from school. It was a really sunny day and I was looking for Colby, I saw one kid with a huge Afro and started laughing, and then realized it was my one and only Colby. So I finally was able to talk Dereck into taking them to get there hair cuts. I think they look so grown up now, don't you.He sure is a character.
My boys seem to be in this phase of posing for the pictures in all funny ways, I love it.