Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Camping!!!

Man these boys are Pyro's, Kara and I were constantly
telling them to stop playing in the fire,They were driving us nuts.

This was Payton's First Camping Trip, She seemed to enjoy it, But she didn't sleep that good. The place we went has all these different types of swings in the woods it was way fun. Payton loves to swing, so she was happy.

Dereck, Payton, and one of our friends Faith.

Colby and Trissa sitting by the campfire.

Tate loves camping.


Payton and Daddy.

The boys went out on a row boat with there dad and when they got back there was a boys finding frogs and salamanders and they got to hold them. One of the highlights of the trip.

Brothers being so nice to each other, doesn't happen all the time.

Here are some more pictures. We really had a great time with our friends The Masters and the Whites. We just need to make our trip a little longer next time, we only stayed 1 night. There are so many things that you need to pack, it is a little crazy, I still would pick condos over camping any day but it is fun to get down and dirty. I am sure this is one of many camping trips us Mapengos will be going on.

Father & Son Campout!!!

Colby and his buddy Dylan.
Colby's favorite part was playing with fires and his Friends.

Tate and his buddy Gavin. Tate loved finding bugs.

Dereck rented a Jeep for the weekend, the boys had no clue until he came home, they were so excited, they had such a fun time.

Here are some other pictures of the Father son campout.

Payton's Princess Bed!!!

She is so lucky I would have loved to have a bed like this, My nieces got bunk beds and didn't have room for it so they are letting Payton have it. She loves this bed, she is hilarious when we put her on it, she does her little dance and song, its too cute.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend 2009

So I had a very busy weekend I decorated 6 dozen cupcakes for Relief Society, which is all the women in my Church. Don't those look yummy.
I had made these pots earlier in the week for Primary, the kids putting together cookie flowers and then sticking them in the pot.

This is my Aunt Diane, My Grandma, and my Mom

Then I had an idea to do a tea Party for my Grandma since she always made it so much fun when I was little and would do these fun tea parties with all her granddaughter's, so I made Crepes and we had pie and cute tea sandwiches we made tea hats out of wrapping paper. We all had a great time my mom, aunt , sister, and niece's all were able to be there, it was so fun.

Skipping School!!!


We woke up last Tuesday and did our normal morning things, he got ready for school and had his back pack on, I had to go drop off Payton at my mom's. Colby still thought I was taking him to school but we were just going to be late, I turned on a movie in the car after dropping off Payton and they didnt realize I was driving to Seattle, until I drove past Safeco feild and parked. Colby said what are we doing, ARE WE GOING TO A GAME!!! Then I let him know what was going on. The boys were so Suprised. It was such a fun day with my boys and me. We got a group together from his baseball team.

This is Colby, Hunter, and Dylan.

Colby, Dylan and Gavin

I Cut Colby's Hair!!!

This is what it looked like before.

And this is what it looked like after.
I think I did a better job at his then Tates.

The bothers with there NEW looks. Such Hansome boys.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Did The Unthinkable!!!

Well at least for me, I finally got up the courage to cut Tate's hair, every month it cost about $16 bucks to cut both of my boys hair. Which ends up to be almost $ 200 at the end of the year, so I got some good clippers and went at it. I think for being my first time I did an O.K. Job. I even gave him a line. I hope that I will keep getting better and better. I forgot to get a before shot, but I am going to do Colby's tonight and will have before and after pictures.

I had a hard time with the back, it kind of looks lopsided but I think I cut it back too far so I don't want to keep fixing it or else he wont have any hair on top.