Friday, August 14, 2009

Purplelicious Party!!!!!

We Just had a Purple Party for the YW and we talked about Integrity. It was so much fun, we made Tutu's and ate Purple food.

Payton being serious ballerina

Pictures of the fun night.

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YW Campout

Sorry these Posts are a little mixed around.

So once we get there the girls wanted to go up to the top of the Light house 76 stairs.

The girls taking a break.

This really sunk in when I got to the top, (this was the picture at the top of the light house) I have to go 5 1/2 miles BACK. What on earth was I thinking, And walking on sand isn't that much better. If you can see the little hill in the middle of the picture that is were we came from and that is were we needed to get back too. I know that was way crazy. But in the end I had so much fun.

11 miles in all And I got to spend it with these girls. Some great memories. And I wasnt that sore.

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YW Campout

Payton fell asleep twice on the hike.

So when we went down to the beach I wasnt planning on going all the way to the light house which was 5 1/2 miles to get to it one way, but there were some determined girls that wanted to get to the light house so I didnt want them going down there by themselves, (what if one got hurt or there were boys down there I couldnt have that happen) So I ended up going all the way to the light house.

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Longggggggggggggg.

Posted by PicasaBut we made it.

YW Campout

Whats camping without Dirty Behinds.

We went to Dungeness Spit and camped over night and then walked down to the beach.

The start of the hike, Dereck and his little Princess

Our Girls, Lincoln Ward Young Woman

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YW Campout

Brother White wearing Paytons hat.

Katie, Megan, Nicole, And Makenna

The Whites

They had a little Devotional and some fun games after dinner.

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YW Campout 2009!

Payton was able to go with us she was so much fun and a great camper and Hiker.
Our Laurals Becky, Lexi, and Kelly. They all have such a sweet spirit and are all a joy to have in YW.

This handsome guy is mine, It was so nice to have him there.
This is Becky, She is so cute.
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YW Campout 2009

Katie she is a firecracker, we have so much fun.

Trissa is one of our miamaid advisors. We are so happy to have her in there.
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Nursing Wrap

So I made this for my friend that Just had a baby boy, I loved it so much I had to post it, It is reversable, I loved the one My friend made me, and I love making these things they are so easy.
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Lake Trip!!!

The Menzie's, White's, Epperson's, and Mapengo's Had a blast this weekend, My Aunt let us go up and stay in one of her Cabins on Mason Lake. I have the best Aunt and Uncle, They are so awesome. They even spoiled us with all there fun toys out on the lake. We all agreed it was a dream vacation. We will remember this forever. I don't know how we can top this one.

This is Tallie Rocking it out on the Wakeboard,
I tried it out and now I am filling it bad right now. I almost got up, maybe next time.

Sweet Payton!!

She got to sit on the Jet Ski with Daddy.

Out on the Boat.

My Scuba Diver Guys!!!

This was one of his favorite things to do.

So Faith painted Tallies and My nails for her very first time.
She did such a good job and is such a sweetie. Excuse Tallie and my boat hair.

Dereck being towed by Tony Epperson, don't worry it got fixed.

My boys kept wanting to go out on the jet skis, They loved
it. Even when Daddy was going super fast.

Boat rides.

Payton Fell asleep twice out in the water, what a silly girl.

This is what Tate liked to play in most of the time.

This is My Aunts Cabin.

Trissa and Faith.