Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scootering at the Park!!

It has been really good weather here this week being Fall in all, so we took the boys to ride there scooter at the skateboard Park.
This was there first time riding it at one of these places, But I tell ya they are dare devils, they just took off Colby was trying out the jumps, scaring me half to death.
They did really good Tate did fall once, luckily he had his helmet on.
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Tates Field Trip!!!

All the Apples they Picked
This is Takes Preschool Class and his wonderful Teacher Mrs. Robin.
Colby couldn't even make a dent in that apple.
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Field Trip!!!

Tate picking his Golden Delicious Apple
Then they got to pick this huge King apple, I am serious I don't think I have seen this big of an apple.
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Tate's Field Trip 2009!!!

Seeing what Apples can make.
Walking through the Apple Orchard.
Listening to an Apple story.
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Puyallup Fair September 2009

We Saw a bunch of Animals.

This is a Miniature Horse and her baby that was 1 month old. So Cute.

And the Pigs, I just can imagine what that mom goes through. The baby's were 4 days old.

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Puyallup Fair!!!

My brother will appreciate this. It is just amazing how they can make food look like this.

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Payton stayed in this stroller the whole time, even without fussing. Now that doesn't happen very often.

Tate went on some rides his favorite was the helicopter.

This was Colby's favorite ride of the day.

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Colby and Kennedy on the Big Slide
Caytlynn and Tate going down. Tate loves his oldest Cousin Caytlynn
Caytlynn really wanted to go on this ride. I wasn't to enthusiastic about it, there was no way Tami was going on it and so I guess I was the next in line. I was way more terrified then Caytlynn was.

But no harm was done I just think I left my stomach up there the rest of the day. Caytlynn on the way down said "that was wicked", that's why I was smiling.
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Payton and Shoes!!!

Payton is a shoe girl she really like my shoes and seems to always be playing with them. Here she is trying to figure it out.
Ohh, wrong foot.
There you go!!! She is so fun!! When ever she is in her room she goes straight to her closet and pulls out all of her shoes and brings them to us. Dereck and I think she will have like 100 pairs of shoes when she gets older, she already has about 20.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower Gift!!

My Sister wanted me to make this for one of her friends that is having a boy, she paid me for it which was way nice, I have never done the Boppy cover but it turned out really nice. I was so excited I called Tami to tell her how cute it was.
I had some extra fabric and I thought it would be funny to make these being that she is having a boy, they are Pee Pee T-Pees, while changing his diaper she wont get sprayed. Funny HUH.
Then a matching Nursing Wrap. Double sided. I did this all in about 4 hours. I love it when I do new things and it all works out.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A WICKED Weekend!!!

So my mom had planned this weekend for awhile, it was just a mother daughter weekend(without kids) she kept all this a secret so we had no clue what we were going to do. We started the weekend going to the Temple and then we went to Seattle, We went and ate at the Cheesecake Factory, If you havnt been there you have to try there Thai Wraps they are so good, and there cheesecake of course. Then we zonked out. In the morning we went to Gene Juarez for a massage it was wonderful they even have this swedish shower were you go after your massage. It was so relaxing.

Got new shoes and my nails done.

We got makeovers.

We went to Palominos for Lunch, Best Chop Chop ever, and their paninis are wonderful, Sorry there is a naked picture behind us.

And the best Part we went to WICKED, the Broadway Musical I put some of my favorite songs that were in there on my playlist, your listening to it right now.

This was the veiw from inside the Paramount, do you see how close we were we were in the 3rd row. I know right. My mom is awesome. I am so happy I got to getaway for the weekend it was so much fun. I love spending time with my sis and mom and this will be one of the most memorable weekends that I will never forget. I am a Wicked Fan now, I never new it was going to be that good, I still have goosebumps, Whoooh what a fun weekend.