Monday, November 16, 2009

Soccer Awards Banquet !!!

This is the best Team, I will sure miss it, but I am glad I am back to a normal schedule at least until Colby starts Basketball. And there is no way I will be coaching that.
We won our last game, woot woot. and Colby shot an awesome sliding side kick in the goal.
The team gave me flowers, Balloons, candy, cards, a soccer bear and a cute little soccer ball that reads Fireballs 2009. I wasn't expecting that at all, It was so nice and thoughtful, It certainly topped the season off nice.
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Disney on Ice 2009

Grandma and payton at Disney on Ice.
The Boys!!!

Payton and Me

The Family.
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Disney on Ice!!!

The Boys Favorite part was the Cars of Course.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of Tinker Bell, But Payton was asleep on me.
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Halloween 2009

Payton was just the cutest thing she had a death grip on her pumkin the whole night, she loved that people where giving her candy.

Our Family at the Ward Trunk or Treat.

So Cute and Filled with lots of sweetness.

Our pumpkins this Year.

Tate had a Halloween Party at his Preschool. He had such a fun time with lots of yummy goodies.

We had such a fun night, This Murder Mystery Party was a great idea, The setting was we were at our high school Reunion in the 60's and our Class mate Rock'n'Rollie was murdered. I was Rock'n'rollies Sister and did plot to kill him but it wasnt me that killed him in the end.

Brennan, Kara, Tallie, Mark, Me, & Dereck at the Murder Mystery Party.

They told me to bring Finger Food so I did. Isnt that Gross, Jello Fingers.

Skate Night!!

Payton had fun watching her brothers skate.
This was Tate's first time roller skating, He was too scared to do it last time, but he loved it this time. He didn't even want to take a break. What a Trooper.

Colby raced against his friends. It was so funny when they all started to take off they all three spun around in a circle first not that they were trying to , and Colby wiped out on the first corner but got back up even though he was in last place he still WON!

This is him in the lead and then he wiped out again when he pasted the finish line.
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Clean Fairy is not coming to our home!!!

The Boys have been doing a great job at cleaning there room lately, I thought that at least. Until I had checked under there bed and found this, This was the pile of clothes shoved under there bed it went past my knee. They both blamed eachother. Gotta love my boys.