Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We are sad for our loss... but happy!!

My Grandpa Glen passed away about a month ago, I will miss him but am thankful for the time I had with him and for the love he shared for my family, he always would make us laugh even when we were not having a good day, he was always smiling, and always fixing things, he was cracking jokes up to the day he left us, always making light of the situation, I am happy to know he is in a better place with my grandma Jean, and that I will someday see him again. Then last week my Dear Grandma Bebe went back home to be with my Grandpa Bob, my Uncle and my brother Ricky, My grandma was such a wonderful person, she was always serving and helping others, she loved her family and we would always have family Christmas, thanksgiving, Easter, fathers day, 4th of July parties together even though it was very hard to fit us all, She would have her granddaughters over to have week long sleepovers and have these wonderful Tea Parties, that you could tell she spent a lot of time on to make it fun. She had this candy stash that she would hide and for some reason we would always find it, she would have a jar full of coins that all the grand kids could go to the pay n save to get anything we wanted. We always new we were loved, to anyone that would listen she would always brag about her wonderful family, My tears are for me, because she will be greatly missed, But just look at this wonderful family down below, her life lives on through us she excepted what the missionary's taught her and brought her family into the church, which brought us closer together and will keep us together.