Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Reunion!!!

Just put tons of pictures of our family reunion on here, It was way fun we started off on a plane to get to Washington and then rented a car and Drove to
Coure D Alene, ID and stayed there for 3 nights, we rented seadoos,had a karaoke Contest My sister and I were the funniest I think, we sang a backstreet boys song into a magnifying glass, and went to Silverwood and played in the water and went on lots of rollercoasters. We then Drove to Yellowstone and stayed there for 3 days and then left to go back to Washington and went to visit some of our favorite people before we had to catch our flight. It was a super long trip but we had so much fun, Dereck and I celebrated our 9 year Anniversary while we were on vacation. We have lots of pictures below so if you get to the bottom click on older posts and you will see more post I just put on here, enjoy.

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